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Training Seminars across the US featuring some of the world’s top agility instructors. 


Training Classes with our expert ABCTC staff  in Eau Claire, WI.

Registration Now Open!

  • John Nys Beginners to Winners Seminar – Feb 12, 2022
  • John Nys Masters / Excellent Seminar – Feb 13-14, 2022
  • John Nys International Seminar – Feb 15, 2022
  • ABCTC Winter Camp w/ Annette Alfonso and Marcy Mantell – Feb 18-20, 2022
  • Texas Puppy Seminar w/ Ann Braue – May 18-19, 2022
  • Texas Young Dog Seminar w/ Annette – May 18-19, 2022  (FULL – Please sign up for the Waitlist)
  • Texas Tricks Seminar w/ Annette – May 19, 2022
  • Texas Camp w/ Ann, Annette and John – May 20-22, 2022   (FULL – Please sign up for the Waitlist) 

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About Ann Braue's Canine Training Center

Founded in 1991, Ann Braue’s Canine Training Center provides expert instruction and coaching in both agility and obedience at locations across the country.  ABCTC offers classes and seminars to suit all breeds and skill levels with an emphasis on fun.  Drawing on a background in education, and years of successful competition at the highest levels, Ann has a unique ability to help all students and their canine companions.   Whether you are new to dog sports, just looking for a casual hobby, or are a seasoned competitor, ABCTC can help you achieve your goals.   


“I had a great time and the instructors were wonderful!”

“Such a great seminar. All instructors were impressive and helpful and each had their own style which was really helpful.”

“So much fun; learned a lot and felt very challenged; definitely worked out of my comfort zone.”

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