Ami Sheffield

Ami has been enjoying agility for about 15 years, when she got her first dog and she needed to do something to stay active. She was hooked! She’s dabbled in several venues, including AKC, ASCA, CPE, NADAC, UKI, and USDAA. She’s run dogs in just about every height, so she’s familiar with running big dogs as well as little guys. She teaches at a local non-profit dog club in Omaha, teaching everything from foundations to handling, with a wide variety of students and dog breeds. (Even a Tibetan Spaniel!) Ami has been fortunate enough to be on 3 World Teams representing the USA with her little dog, Pixel. 2 times on the European Open team, and once on the IFCS team. (And hoping for more trips overseas!) Other fun accomplishments include 2-time AKC Nationals finalist, and many USDAA Regional Champion placements in Biathlon, Steeplechase, and Grand Prix.  Pixel has also made it to Steeplechase finals at Nationals 3 times, earning 2nd place 2 years in a row. Ami enjoys teaching others how to play and have fun with their dogs. Her motto is “Embrace your inner dork”, and “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right”.  It’s all about giving your dog the best info in a timely manner so they can do their job.  A huge proponent of being silly and enjoying your dog- Ami also loves adventures with her dogs that include hiking and swimming. Ami is not huge into drilling or over-training – instead – likes to focus on conditioning and short sessions of training to keep things fun. (with tons of reward!) Ami works for Corporate America, so agility is a fun hobby that lets her have fun with her dogs and she gets to meet lots of great people saber mais. Other interests include biking, photography, going to concerts, and being as silly as possible.


Ami also does rescue for Mini Aussie Rescue and Support (MARS) and she has placed well over 60 dogs. Her current pack includes 4 beasts: Tazer, a 10.5 year old Standard Aussie, Pixel, a 6 year old Mini Aussie, JPEG, a 3 year old rescue Mini Aussie, and Halen, a 12 week old Mini Aussie. Ami lost her first dog ever, Neelah, this past spring at 15 1/2 years old. She taught Ami SO MUCH about dog training, she is forever grateful for that naughty little blue dog.