Bridget has been training and competing with dogs (and other animals) since she was a teenager for the past twenty five years and has been heavily involved in dog training, dog sports and dog activities of all kinds. Agility is their primary sport and she and the dogs have traveled all over the country, competing and teaching.  Early on she was lucky to have a wonderful mentor, Diane Bauman who helped her learn everything dog. Along the way she’s also had opportunities to work with many other great trainers including Bob Bailey, Ken Ramierez, Karen Pryor, Susan Garrett, Dr Susan Friedman, and many others. Staying current with training and handling trends as well as science-based learning is the goal!

Bridget and her dogs have been perennial finalists/winners over the years in AKC Nationals, USDAA Regional and National events and UKI Cups, Classics and the US Open. In 2018 Bridget and Grape, her terrier mix, were chosen to travel overseas to
compete with Team USA on the AKC European Open Team and the WAO Agility Team (at the ripe old age of two!). In 2019 they finished in 7th place overall at the European Open team tryouts and were once again chosen to represent the AKC at the European Open. They were also able to add “national champions” to their resume by winning the 2019 UKI National Finals at the US Open. As much as she enjoys training and competing she also finds teaching immensely rewarding and loves to see her students excel. Many have seen success at the
regional and national level, as well as the AKC Invitational, and internationally too.

When she is not teaching or competing you can usually find Bridget and the dogs out in the woods trail running, hiking or out riding the trails with Jetty, the pony. Currently Bridget is owned by a Border Collie, a lurcher, two amazing little sport mixes, two horses, and a gaggle of assorted furry and feathered critters