Marcy Mantell


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8x – AKC/ FCI World Team Member

12x – European Open Championship Team Member

2x – IFCS World Team Member

35x – USDAA Regional Champion


2020 Hungarian Open Championship – 4th pl overall – Stripe

2019 AKC Nationals – 4th place overall – Stripe

2019 International Sheltie Agility Championship Finalist – 6th pl overall – Stripe

2018 European Open Championships – Individual and Team Finalist – Stripe

2018 Norwegian Open Championship – 8th pl overall – Stripe

2017 International Sheltie Agility Championship Finalist – 5th pl overall – Stripe

2017 Westminster 16” Champion – Stripe

2016 Cynosport – Steeplechase Champion – Stripe

2016 AKC Nationals – 2nd place overall – Stripe

2016 IFCS World Championships – Gambler’s Individual Bronze medal – Stripe

2015 IFCS World Championships – Team Overall – Silver medal – Stripe

2015 Cynosport – Grand Prix Champion – Stripe

2015 AKC Nationals – 7th place overall – Stripe

2014 Cynosport – Biathlon – Silver medal – Stripe

2012 FCI World Championships – Team Jumping Bronze medal – Wave

2010 FCI World Championships – Team Jumping Silver medal – Wave

2010 AKC National Champion – Wave

2009 FCI World Championships – Team Agility Gold medal – Wave

2008 FCI Individual World Champion – Wave

2007 AKC Nationals – 2nd place overall – Wave

Marcy discovered agility in 1996 with her very first dog, Shetland Sheepdog, Merchant. He earned a CDX and HT in his more senior years, and was very close to earning his MACH. He continued to compete in agility past his 12th birthday, but was forced to retire due to a chronic shoulder injury.

Wave, her second Shetland Sheepdog is a 6-time consecutive AKC/FCI World Team member winning an Individual Gold medal in 2008 in Finland and has earned multiple top 10 placements in Individual rounds at the World Championships. Wave has also represented the USA 5-times at the European Open Championships. In 2007, in Italy at the European Open Championships she won the Individual Agility round out of a class of 150 dogs, and was an Individual finalist, plus earned a 2nd place in Team Jumping from a class of 340 dogs. In 2010, Wave became the AKC National Champion winning the 12” class. In 2012, at the European Open Championship in Sweden she was both an Individual and Team finalist. She has also been a 5-time AKC National finalist, a 5-time Steeplechase/PSJ National finalist, and a 5-time Grand Prix/PGP National finalist. As well as, finishing several times in the Top Ten for 16” dogs in Standard, Jumpers, Snooker and Tournament classes.

The last few years Marcy has been focused on Stripe. In 2013, he attended his very first USDAA Cynosports in TN, where he won both the Grand Prix Quarterfinals and, Semifinals in the 16” class, and was both a Grand Prix and Steeplechase finalist. In 2014, he attended his first AKC Nationals in PA, where he placed 10th in JWW, and, 11th in T2B in a highly competitive 16” class. He also attended his very first International Team Tryout in MN, and, was selected for his first European Open Championship in Hungary. Also, in 2014 at Cynosport he won a Silver medal in Biathlon. In 2015, at the AKC Nationals he finished 2nd in Round 2 out of 175 dogs, and, was a finalist finishing 7th overall. Also, in 2015,Stripe was an IFCS World Team member in Italy earning a Silver team medal and was the Grand Prix Champion at Cynosport in TN. At the 2016 AKC Nationals, Stripe finished 2nd overall in the 16” class and won an Individual Bronze medal in Gamblers at IFCS in the Netherlands.

In addition, to Marcy’s love for agility she holds two degrees in design. The first is in Interior Design, and the other in Graphic Design. She also enjoys photography, and most anything design related.

Marcy has a keen eye for detail, and, is very patient in her teaching. She is extremely passionate, and, enjoys working with individuals by breaking down skill into the smallest of components.

Marcy and Wave winning Individual Gold at the FCI World Championships in Finland, 2008:


Marcy’s Dogs:

Stripe – AGCh MACH4 ADCH Plail’s Brushed By An Angel MXS MJS MXF MFB TQX T2B2, SA-S, J-S, G-B, R-B, TM-G

Wave – NAC MACH10 ADCH-BRONZE Plail’s Few And Far Between CDX RN PT MXS3 MJG3 MXF TQX T2B, LAA- Bronze, SA-P, J-P, G-B, S-P, R-G, TM-P (2003- 2018)

Chia – Young dog in training

Merchant – Caitlin’s Like The Weather CDX HT MX MXC MXJ MJB (1994-2012)