Rexann Lemke



7 Week Classes


Cost – $140 




This class will be held outside in Chippewa Falls.

  Please contact Rex for details.



AKC Urban CGC is a public access test that demonstrates dogs are well-behaved and well-trained when in public settings.  The Urban CGC test can be used by dog-friendly businesses (e.g. lodging, retail, transportation, public facilities) to recognize and accept dogs with good manners.


This 7 week class covers the required skills that are tested before certification. Testing will be done on the last night of class and is included in the class fee. Canine Good Citizen certification is a prerequistite for this class.

7 Week Class for $140

This class will be held outside.  Please contact Rex at rex@flyballk9s.com for details.


2024 CGCU Classes

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Session fees are due on the first day of class payable to Rexann Lemke.  

ABCTC is proud to offer a $15 discount on the first obedience class for rescue dogs.  Please show proof of rescue.

  • At ABCTC we believe obedience should be fun. That’s why we only use positive and motivational training methods. Our classes are designed to be fun for both dog and owner.
  • Our philosophy is to train both dog and owner. Most training issues are caused by a miscommunication between dog and owner. Our classes are designed to help you understand what an owner needs to do to communicate with his or her dog.
  • Peoples’ relationships with their dogs are our number one priority. We have seen that having a strong relationship with your dog makes many common training issues disappear. This is why we believe any dog can benefit from our Obedience classes.
  • All of our classes are taught by experienced instructors, who are always searching for the most up-to-date training techniques. We provide quality instruction to every student, whether his or her goal is to compete in a dog sport or to just have fun. Our instructors are all driven by a common passion: the love of dog training!

To sign up for a class or ask questions please contact Rexann at rex@flyballk9s.com