ABCTC 2020 3 Ring Circus

June 29-30, 2020

Urbana, IL




 Working Spot







Soccer Planet

Urbana, IL



Two Great Days / Three Great Instructors!

The ABCTC 3 Ring Circus is specifically designed for:

                 *  Younger dogs who will benefit from working around distractions

                *  Younger or older dogs who need confidence

                *  Dogs who need Impulse Control and/or Drive and Passion (don’t we all want it ALL?!!!)

                *  Dogs and or handlers who prefer a 2 day format versus 3 days

Ring 1 will be dedicated to working on weaves and contacts.  You and your dog will work at the level appropriate for your team’s experience level.  As an example:  Perhaps you are training a running DW but are not yet doing the dog walk but are working on the foundations that will give you your running dogwalk.  Your instructor will work with you on those foundations.   Your instructor will also offer feedback / suggestions regarding whether you should consider running or stopped contacts.


Rings 2 and 3 will focus on start lines, commonly seen sequences (pinwheels, serpentines, 270s, sends to the back etc.) as well as proper execution of Front Crosses, Rear Crosses and Blind Crosses.  Emphasis will focus on which cross is appropriate for the team on the floor.


Each instructor takes pride in individualizing instruction for you and your dog’s needs.


Ann Braue

Desiree Snelleman

Dudley Shumate


On-Site @ Soccer Planet – Dry camping spots are $25 per night or $100 per week.  Please email request to:


Workshop Size

Maximum 30

ABCTC 2020

3 Ring Circus

June 29-30, 2020

Urbana, IL


Camp Hours

9 am-4:30 pm

Camp will be held indoors on artificial turf, climate controlled.

All participants will spend 2/3 of a day with each of the three instructors.


If you are not able to run your dog at this camp, please feel free to audit.  Auditor spots are $85 per day.  Please contact to reserve your auditing spot.


(ABCTC Boring Legal Stuff)

The event terms and conditions, along with the cancellation and refund policy, can be found here.




Soccer Planet

2310 N. Willow Road

Urbana, IL  61802

Information on the site, hotel and RV, emergency vet, directions, local attractions, … can be found here:


Please email Mike at

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