Hugo Santos


Hello, my name is Hugo Santos and I’m from Sintra, Portugal

My Agility carrier started in 2003, and I had the privilege of representing Portugal for the first time a FCI World Championship in Basel (2006) alongside with my old partner Kissy (a Cocker Spaniel). That big event changed forever the way I see Agility.
The passion for Agility led me to always want more, to want to learn more, to want to be faster and to improve every day and made me wish to become an Agility judge.

I have been a judge since 2014 and since then many things have changed.
Today I try to put something different on my courses: I seek for speed and control, I seek for dogs perfect lines so they can “explode” on the courses, I seek for that “Agility madness” on the course, I want more in every moment, I try to push people to be focused on doing more and better…
I try that my courses are not just another agility course.
Border Collie Classic 2021, will be held in my Portugal and it will be a pleasure to judge in this outstanding event.