Novice Rally




Karen Thompson



6 Week Classes


Cost – $130


If you’ve taken our “Intermediate Obedience” class and want to try “Advanced Obedience / Rally” training then this is the class for you! This is a level 1 course for those students that are new to Rally and Advanced Obedience classes. Let instructor Karen Thompson show you how to take your training to a higher level! 

2023 Novice Rally Classes

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  • Instructor: Karen Thompson
  • To register, please contact us at or call 715-839-0993

Session fees are due on the first day of class.

ABCTC is proud to offer a $15 discount on the first obedience class for rescue dogs.  Please show proof of rescue.

  • At ABCTC we believe obedience should be fun. That’s why we only use positive and motivational training methods. Our classes are designed to be fun for both dog and owner.
  • Our philosophy is to train both dog and owner. Most training issues are caused by a miscommunication between dog and owner. Our classes are designed to help you understand what an owner needs to do to communicate with his or her dog.
  • Peoples’ relationships with their dogs are our number one priority. We have seen that having a strong relationship with your dog makes many common training issues disappear. This is why we believe any dog can benefit from our Obedience classes.
  • All of our classes are taught by experienced instructors, who are always searching for the most up-to-date training techniques. We provide quality instruction to every student, whether his or her goal is to compete in a dog sport or to just have fun. Our instructors are all driven by a common passion: the love of dog training!

To sign up for a class or ask questions please contact us at or call 715-839-0993. 

Classes are held at the ABCTC Banburry location unless otherwise noted.